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Friday, October 12, 2012


What started as a mobile library program targeting only primary schools has now graduated and is serving secondary schools as well. Isinya secondary is one such school. The school which is still in its infant stages was started in 2011 and as a result has only form 1 and 2 classes, this further means that the school is yet to get some basic facilities such as a library. Meanwhile as the school awaits the construction of these facilities, it needed not agonize over reading materials, this is because Isinya Maarifa center has come to their rescue.
This endeavor was highly welcomed by the head teacher Mr. Mokamba and really encouraged by teacher Ursula Tororei.
Teacher Tororei attanding to her students.

The form 1 and form 2 teachers have mostly been signing out fiction novels.  When I inquired from Teacher Tororei why this particular category, she told me that this would help the students improve their language skills as well as encouraging creative, imaginative and critical thinking and by the time they get to reading set books they will be already accustomed to not only reading large volumes of books but also a wide range of genres as well.
I totally agree with her since reading even if it is a book of fiction does not only pave way to learning but to self enlightenment as well. Gone should be the days when we have to put up with lousy jokes such as if you want to hide anything from an African hide it in a book.
Given that reading means gaining knowledge and we at the Maarifa center pride ourselves in sharing of knowledge we are really proud of Isinya secondary school for embracing this program and we will give them all the support our knowledge platform can offer, we pride ourselves in inculcating knowledge to whomever and whenever required.

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