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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Peace Building around Isinya

By Sheila Ngigi

Albert Einstein once said that Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. And understanding is born out of discussion leading agreement and unity of purpose.
Mr. Jeremiah Ateti, Chairperson of Kajiado Peace Committee

In their course of promoting peace and advocating for peace especially during this election period, the Isinya District Peace Committee is leaving nothing to chance. Residents of Olturoto location in Isinya yesterday gathered at the Chief’s camp in a forum aimed at promoting peace in the location.
Residents of  Olturoto follow proceedings keenly

In attendance was the area District Officer Mr. Ekai, the Chairperson of the Peace Committee, Mr. Jeremiah Ateti and Mr. Muhu, an official of the Peace Committee. The area Chief, various religious leaders, opinion leaders, business men and women and members of the public were all present.
Speeches were given by various speakers as it was an open forum. Both the D.O and the Peace Committee Chairperson underscored the importance of peace and security by urging residents of Olturoto to remain united. Others who echoed these sentiments were the religious leaders who likened these elections to a passing wind which would come and go leaving them as neighbors irrespective of the politicians they supported.
Member of community addresses fellow residents

Mr. Muhu, member of the Peace Committe

Adressing the meeting

The Chairperson informed the residents of the Flame of Peace, a symbolic gesture for all Kenyans to reaffirm their commitment to peace and security during and after this election. The flame which was going round to every county had passed through Isinya a few days back and was a gesture that we should keep peace burning no matter the cost.
The Chairman praised the residents and stated that Kajiado county has enjoyed an amazing peace record even in the wake of the 2007/08 post election violence. The D.O also urged them to maintain that peace and asked the leaders to make peace building a priority.
Mr. Ekai, D.O Isinya

“We should demystify peace, and portray it as the responsibility of all of us-each and every citizen and by so doing demonstrate that it is possible to make peace happen in our Division and beyond”, the D.O said.
Peace, Security and development are viewed as necessary conditions for social stability and the promotion of human security and in their absence, the results usually are severe disruption of social and economic development.

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