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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Benefiting from trees

By Monica Soila

Agroforestry is a land use management system in which trees or shrubs are grown among crops, to create more diverse, productive, healthy and sustainable land-use systems.

The ministry of agriculture has been encouraging people to implement the practice for its immense benefits, during events such as field days and agricultural shows.

Some of the trees highly recommended include:

Marbery tree which is good for fodder, and also produces fruits. Aside from that it is efficient in nitrogen fixation and conservation of soil and water.

Cordia/mkobokobo tree is good for timber, firewood and nitrogen fixing. It is also good for making traditional bee hives.

Naivasha Thorn commonly known as Olerai is very good for charcoal, firewood and its flowers are healthy for sheep and goats.

Makhamia is good for timber, firewood and making poles. It produces beautiful flowers and grows rather fast.

Silky oak is also good for timber and firewood. It can be used as fodder during drought. It is used as wind breaker in areas with strong winds.

silky oak
This practice comes in handy as it can reduce poverty through increased production of wood and other tree products for home consumption and sale.

The government requires that in every 10 acres of land one owns, 1 acre should comprise of trees. Other than that, trees uses are countless and it’s important especially as the country finds ways to increase tree cover to cope with climate change.

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