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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ALIN and Practical Action join hands against poverty

By Sheila Ngigi

Practical Action is an international NGO that uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries.
They are interested in finding out what people are doing and then help them to do it better. Practical Action, through technology, has continued to enable poor communities build on their skills and knowledge to produce sustainable and practical solutions that will transform their lives and protect the world around them.
Practical Action further provides high quality independent research and professional advice to clients including Governments, International Development Agencies, NGOs and private sector entities for the purpose of poverty reduction in countries in Africa, Asia and South America. They operate in two main strategic areas of technology and development: Rural and Urban Infrastructure and Increasing Enterprise Opportunities and Access to Markets
Just like ALIN, Practical Action has energy and climate change issues in the core of their programmes.  They provide practical power i.e., renewable, locally-sourced sustainable energy solutions which help lift people out of poverty leading to better access to education and other basic services, improvement of health and wellbeing, especially for women and children.
Practical Action Eastern Africa Regional Office has been delivering technology as its niche in the region for over 25 years and throughout the period, they have leveraged best practices learnt that yield high impact.
They also have two arms through which they scale up their operations and models from their work and that of others: Practical Action Consulting through which they replicate knowledge generated from their programmes outside their operational areas to others; and
Practical Answers, a demand-driven free-of-charge service, provides customised information and knowledge products to individual enquirers through different media and formats.
Using this second arm, ALIN and Practical Action have collaborated to provide Practical answers to help farmers through the Maarifa Centers. This will be through the Practical Answers Project that will run from November 2012 to April 2013.
We, at Isinya are delighted to benefit from this noble cause not once but twice!

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