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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Internet certainly empowering people of Isinya

If you have been taking keen interest in the development progress of our nation, then you are well aware of the increased interest in the ICT sector and the passionate exploration of the opportunities that it can offer to us today.
In this modern age, the role of technology in improving the lives of the people cannot be underestimated. More people especially in the rural areas are increasingly embracing ICT and this can be seen through the numbers coming at our Maarifa Center for ICT training and other computer services.
Even in the heart of Maasailand; in Enkirrinkiri, Olturoto, Nalepo or in Inkiito, ICT is steadily penetrating. And such is the power of the internet! A Maasai livestock farmer sparing two hours of precious time that could be used to search for pasture; a political candidate vying for the seat of Member of Parliament finds time amidst all the hustle and bustle of his campaigns to get ICT training and a lady defying her husband’s orders by coming to get ICT training.
Amazingly, social media or web 2.0, as others refer to it is the new platform through which knowledge is being rapidly generated, exchanged, stored, retrieved and disseminated. Through the power of social media, friendships are developed, good people are connected with good causes, and funds and awareness are raised for various causes.
More people now visiting the Center seek assistance to open Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts amongst others.
Users at the Maarifa Center

But overall, it is fascinating to see the level of ambition the people of Isinya have, young and old alike – despite their backgrounds and harsh conditions they face, they know that exposure to ICT has and continues to expand their horizons.But most importantly; these people have the right attitude. A sense of unity and common purpose: because in spite of all these, ICT is bringing them together, and providing them with a 21st Century digital identity, African and ICT literate.
They have embraced a mindset where failure and difficulty is not the end of the story but a learning opportunity for those thought to be forgotten!
Simply  inspiring!

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