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Friday, January 18, 2013


By Sheila Ngigi

The continuing partnership between ALIN and Practical Action, an international NGO that has rolled up its sleeves and declared war on poverty in developing nations, has brought numerous advantages and lessons to the people of Isinya. 
The ladies in Narasa and Nasaru Ntoyie Women’s Groups had only praises for the venture that has seen them trained on various topics. The topics range from farming, health to home economics. “I had no idea that sorghum flour can make such sweet cakes not to mention bake breads and scones!” says Grace Tuuko, a member of Narasa.
Before the training, when the trainer asked what the ladies did with their sorghum harvests, they unanimously replied that they made porridge and sold the rest of it, only to be informed that the same flour can also be used to bake even more nutritious cakes and breads and scones.
M.s Loise the facilitator illustrating during training
 With funds and assistance from Practical Action & ALIN, the ladies were taken through the whole process of preparing the cakes, bread and scones; from the recipe to the preparation and mixing the ingredients till the final product. To say the least, the enthusiasm in their eyes told it all, the ladies knew that with this knowledge, their lives would never be the same again.
Ladies Listen keenly as they are taught

Because one group, Narasa Women’s Group, had already been taken through, the cake baking process, the follow up involved them preparing a similar cake as trained and bring it for icing. And sure enough, the group did not disappoint. This illustrated their determination and desire to learn and acquire new skills.
Bread baked during training

Cake baked during the training

They were later taken through the icing process of icing the cake. All along, they used locally available materials most of which the ladies brought from their homes.
Mrs. Loise Gakuru of the Ministry of Agriculture, who facilitated the training and says "it is important that people learn the uses of indigenous cereals because they are very nutritious and will provide essential nutrients for you and your families". 


  1. I would love to learn this too.sorghum is vry nutritious

    1. Hello Faith.
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