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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Going Digital, young lady's winning Tweet

When Sharon Kunai posted a simple tweet, she had no idea that it would appear on Newspaper. This was on the Standard Newspaper on Monday, 22nd April 2013 on page 6 of the pullout section, Crazy Monday’s Face off on Twitter.
WinningTweet by Sharon Kunai

With the cliché about Kenya going digital, this is now a reality with Isinya Maarifa is in the middle of it, providing ICT services and skills to users.
A frequent user of the Maarifa Center, Sharon has learnt her ICT skills at Isinya Maarifa center. Together with her sister Karen Sanayek and brother Tom, the trio says that the Maarifa center has had a real influence in their lives.
"All of us went through the computer classes at the Maarifa and we are very happy we got the chance”, says Sharon, who is waiting to join college after scoring a B stand garde in KCSE. Previously, I knew nothing about computers and did not take it as an option in high school for fear of failing. However, now I am confident and contemplating doing an IT-related course in College". 
At the Maarifa Center, Sharon was able to open Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Yahoo and Flickr accounts through the skills and services offered here. She always follows the the various trends on Social Media which keeps her updated.
Sharon using Maarifa center

Her tweet appearing on the Standard has not only caused a stir amongst her peers but has also revealed the talent and abilities of the youth in Isinya who only need to tap into the resources availed to them. Lately, the Maarifa Center has been a bee-hive of activities with the number of girls and ladies using rising significantly.
Ladies accessing internet at Maarifa center

Sharon’s story is one of hope and the possibilities brought about by social media And ICT in general. For her, this is only the beginning of many more to come! For us, it is a success story!

By Sheila Ngigi


  1. very inspiring.

  2. This is very interesting, keep up the digital spirit! This is why the Community Maarifa centres were set up to enable rural folks join the superhighway... Keep up!

    1. Thanks a lot!
      Very inspiring indeed, we shall continue to make this a reality to the people of Isinya.
      Viva Isinya!

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