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Monday, May 13, 2013

ICT training & Library services Testimonies

If there was any doubt that Isinya Maarifa Center is changing the lives of those living in Isinya and its environs then the following short testimonies will clear such doubts.
These testimonies have convinced, at least me, that with a little effort even the impossible is possible. Through these services, previously voiceless persons are being heard, preconceptions challenged and opportunities opened.

52 beneficiaries of ICT training secured jobs with Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) as voter registration, polling clerks and Deputy Presiding Officers.
Richard Ndemo, 35 years old, extension officer, secured a better job with a Nairobi and Naivasha based farm. A frequent user of the Maarifa, Ndemo succeeded in getting a the job after reading and applying for the job on-line at the Maarifa Center where all services are free including internet access.
Jeremiah Ateti, 57 and entire Isinya District Peace Committee:
As Chairman of the peace committee, Mr. Ateti with ICT skills is now able to carry out all his duties successfully. He has even opened a facebook page for the Isinya District Peace Committee. The page engaged residents especially the youth during the campaign and election period in calls and activities aimed at promoting peace. It has been a great success with Isinya being as calm and quiet as always before, during and after the elections period.
Njeri Karanja, 22, Egerton University:
After getting ICT training at the center last year, she was able to apply for a HELB   loan for her University education without any assistance  after she enrolled. 
 Julius Ntayia and Moses Leir, 56 & 33 respectively:
These two politicians got ICT training at the center. They were thus able to write emails, create social accounts to engage with their supporters during the just concluded elections.
Patricia Mutuku, 47, of Daystar University and a teacher at Kepiro primary school:
She used the Maarifa Library as she researched for her Thesis for her Masters in Communication. Moreover, The Maarifa Center was one of her case studies. She documented students during ICT training sessions and Maarifa users.
 Samuel Kasaine, 26, of Jommo Kenyatta University:
Samuel used the Library to research for his project during his diploma. Moreover, he typed the entire paper using the computers at the center as the costs of typesetting were beyond his means. This enabled him succeed and proceed for a degree at JKUAT.
Moses Leseiyo, 28, Compassion, Local NGO:
Moses uses the Maarifa Center’s accounting books to study for his CPA’s. “The books have contributed to my success in the exams besides expanding my knowledge in financial management and accounting matters thus improving my service delivery,” says Moses.
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Officials:
Mr. Benson Mwangi, Mr. Erick Ahenda and Mr. John Thiong’o have benefited from the many agricultural books at the Maarifa center. Mr. Mwangi even got a scholarship to China to study about Mushrooms after his curiosity in the plant increased after reading “Small-scale Mushroom cultivation”.
Ms. Lois Gakuru is now able to type reports and send them to her superior through her email.
 Immanuel Kivinda, 20, University of Eldoret:
“As a student of BSc. Horticulture, I have benefited tremendously from some of the books here. My understanding of the course work has increased and consequently my performance improved,” Kivinda says.
Kivinda, who also learnt ICT at the Maarifa is also subscribed to Baobab, a quarterly  magazine by ALIN, dealing with farming and environmental matters. He says the magazine and the books have expanded his knowledge.

And such is the place of the Maarifa center!

By Sheila Ngigi

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