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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Filling in the Gap during Nationwide Strike

By Sheila Ngigi
With the ongoing nationwide strike, it has been tough for students and pupils all over the country, Isinya and its environs included, to study. However, the Maarifa centre has turned out to be a safe haven for these children’s quest for knowledge. To state that the strike has affected them is an understatement especially the candidates who are counting less than three months to their final examinations.
Stocked with books on all subjects with relevant information for their studies, only space has been a hindrance to these determined souls. 
Part of the Maarifa centre's library
The children, both from secondary and primary schools, trek many kilometres to come to the Maarifa centre seeking knowledge. At home, the children face the challenge of having to carry out homely chores at the expense of their studies. Moreover, they face countless distractions while they are at home making it difficult to concentrate. In contrast, the Maarifa centre provides the environment and quiet that they need and after some hours of study, they go back to help herding cattle and other duties at home.
Lemayian carrying water 

Lemayian grazing cattle

Young girl working at home

Meet Immaculate Nemoipo, a form three student at eno matassia secondary school. At 17 years old of age, she has to take care of her younger brothers, clean and cook all day long but at the Maarifa she finds a safe haven where she can study for a few hours before embarking on her chores at home.

Immaculate studying at the Maarifa centre
The story is similar for Jason Lemayian, a class eight pupil at Isinya primary school. He starts his studies at 8.30 am, when the Maarifa center opens until 11.30 when he goes and relieves his father off herding their cows, sheep and goats before fetching water for the family. It is impossible to study effectively while walking and running after the animals under the scorching sun and ghastly winds that are characteristic of Isinya.

The students and pupils are glad that they can find books that they need for revision and grateful for the comfortable seats and furniture that they can use for their studies. Though at times they have to be squeezed in the container for each one to find some space, it is more than they could ever ask for.

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