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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ladies Learn How to Make Home-made Yorghurt

By Sheila Ngigi

In every business, the rule of demand and supply applies the world over, and determines a great deal what either party takes home after a transaction. This has been particularly true and distressing for the residents of Isinya. The Maasai , who are the predominant community in Isinya, are known for their love of cattle keeping for many centuries and cows and goats are characteristic of every homestead.
This has played out negatively to the detriment of the community especially during the wet season. During this time, pasture is in plenty for all farmers which results into plenty of milk. Resultantly, milk prices usually fall drastically because the supply is higher than the demand. Milk prices can fall to as low as twenty five shillings as per liter while in other areas of the country, the same liter can cost up to eighty shillings.
This has disheartened the famers who say they do not benefit from their cattle ventures at all, neither in the dry seasons nor during the rainy seasons. They are trapped in a rat race where the little income gained can only be for subsistence over and over again and not to better their living conditions.
However, every sky has a silver lining as there is hope for a group of women who belong to Nasaru Ntoyie women’s group. On the 30th of August, the group was taken through the process of preparing natural home-made yoghurt in a bid to add value to their milk. This was by the ministry of Agriculture officer, Ms. Loise Gakuru in partnership with ALIN.
Ladies preparing for the training

All the ladies had to purchase was a packet of bacterial culture and two different flavours, which are readily available in supermarkets and milk which they have from their cattle.
during the trainig

Steps to follow while preparing home-made yoghurt
  • Thoroughly boil the milk for at least 10 minutes adding the desired amount of sugar, while beating the milk to kill all bacteria in the milk and dissolve the sugar.
  • Cool the milk to a warm temperature, not too hot, nor too cold.
  • Take a teaspoonful of the culture and dissolve it into a glass of milk, stir to dissolve. (1 teaspoon for 5 litres of milk).
  • Pour the dissolved culture into the rest of the milk and place the milk in a plastic container. ( In the absence of the bacteria culture, already prepared yoghurt from the shop can be used in its place following the procedure).
  • Leave the milk in a covered fireless cooker or wrap it with blankets then place it on a wooden surface(to prevent heat loss) for 5-6 hours.
  • After the 6 hours, the milk has lumped together into a chunk. Add the desired flavor (strawberry, vanilla, banana) or leave it to be natural youghurt.
  • Pass the lump through a sieve pressing onto it with a spoon to smoothen the chunks.
  • The yoghurt is ready; it should be stored in a cool dry place.

Ingredients: Cilture and flavors

milk in a fireless cooker

The ladies were amazed to learn the new skills. This way, they do not have to sell their milk at throw away prices. By making yoghurt out of it, they add value to the milk and fetch higher prices for their commodity, which has a ready market at Isinya town.
With assistance from the ministry officials, the plan is to get their yoghurt certified by the ministry of health officials and they can hit the market. In the meantime, they are enjoying sweet healthy yoghurt with their children which they have made themselves!
Home-made yoghurt ready
Baby enjoying the yoghurt


  1. I encourage and advice the Nasaru Ntoyie women group to come up with a project proposal and look for finances from the women enterprise fund,so that they can build their own YOGHURT processing plant,while liasing with all the stakeholders to avoid being locked out.And morely to get advinces from different institutions for easier functioning.They will add value to their milk production.

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